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Using Genesys Meeting Center - Audio
Using Genesys Meeting Center
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Using Genesys Meeting Center - Audio

Q. What if I forget my PIN number?
A. Call your local Genesys Customer Support. After verifying the identity of the chairperson, they will provide you with your PIN number.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation?
A. No, you can use your Genesys Meeting Center number at anytime 24 x 7. There is no need to make a reservation once your subscription is activated.

Q. How do I record my audio call?
A. Press *17* to record.

Q. What happens if I don't press *9* to disconnect the call?
A. Most of the time this will not be a problem. However, on occasion lines don't fully disconnect and remain active on the conference call after everyone else has disconnected. For security reasons however, it is recommended that the Host always press *9* before disconnecting if he does not want anyone to remain in the room after he/she disconnects.

Q. I am the host and entered my PIN code but I am still listening to music?
A. The host must press the * key on their telephone keypad before and after the pin code (for example, *1234*). The system will only hear what is entered in between *'s, therefore the first * should be pressed firmly. If you still cannot enter the room after entering the correct sequence, the PIN code you have might not be the same one as the one in our system. Contact your local Genesys customer support representative for further assistance.

Q. How do I dial-out to an international party?
A. You can dial-out to an international participant from the conference room: to another country: Press *011 + country code + area code + telephone number*. To dial-out to a domestic participant just enter *1 + area code + telephone number*. From Europe or Asia Pacific: Press *00 + country code + area code + telephone number*

Q. There is noise, music, or echo in my conference. Who can help me with that?
A. Noise in the conference can come from a variety of sources. Cell phones and speaker phones are a common culprit. Another common source of the problem could be a bad line connection from one of the callers. As the host you might want to ask your participants to pick up the receiver if they are on a speaker phone, dial-in on a land line if they are on a cell phone or have the participant hang up and dial back in again. If the noise began right after a particular participant entered the conference room, you can press *2* to disconnect that last incoming line. Individual participants with noise on their line can activate self mute, by dialing * 6 * . You may also contact customer support for further assistance in isolating the offending line.

Q. How do I get my own Genesys Meeting Center number?
A. To obtain your own Genesys Meeting Center number, contact the Account Development Representative for your company. If you don't know who that is, then call your local Genesys Conferencing customer support representative. We will find out for you.

Q. If the host of the conference disconnects, will that automatically disconnect everyone else?
A. No, it will not. If the moderator does not press *9* before disconnecting, then anyone who stays on the line will be able to continue with the conference call.

Q. Can the participants talk to each other before the Host dials in for the conference?
A. Anyone who dials-in before the moderator will be in a "waiting room" listening to music until the moderator opens access to the room. The participants will not be able to hear each other or know if anyone else is waiting as well.

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Using Genesys Meeting Center

Q. What is Genesys Meeting Center?
A. Genesys Meeting Center is an automated virtual communications platform that integrates world class audio conferencing, web conferencing, and desktop videoconferencing. No reservation is required, and the moderator holds complete control of the meeting. Genesys Meeting Center includes advanced audio control features that enable the moderator to dial out to participants, control who is speaking, and who is entering or leaving the meeting. The service also allows the users to present PowerPoint slides, work on / share documents together, take participants on web tours and exchange chat messages. If the video option has been activated, the moderator and / or participants can be seen simultaneously via a webcam during the meeting.

Q. What sort of applications can I use Genesys Meeting Center for?
A. The main application for Genesys Meeting Center is to conduct spontaneous or scheduled small collaborative meetings. However, given the scope and feature set of Genesys Meeting Center, it may also be used for small event style conferences. Typical applications include sales meetings, marketing seminars, product announcements, training sessions and channel communications.

Q. Is specific training for Genesys Meeting Center necessary?
A. No, but attending one of the online or recorded training sessions via is certainly worthwhile and highly recommended for maximum effectiveness.

Q. Do I have to pay for training sessions?
A. No, our online training sessions are free of charge.

Q. Is there a price advantage to using Genesys Meeting Center as opposed to using an operator assisted conference service?
A. Yes, the cost of using Genesys Meeting Center is significantly lower. However, operator assisted conferences are generally high profile events that require a 100% success rate and the only way to achieve this is with human assistance. The extra cost of human assistance is therefore justified.

Q. How much does Genesys Meeting Center cost?
A. Genesys Meeting Center is competitively priced per minute, per user, per connection. Genesys offers affordable rates for all usage needs, whether large or small, audio or fully integrated multimedia. For more detailed information, please contact your local Genesys sales office.

Q. What do you mean by “Firewall Transparent”?
A. All Genesys Meeting Center features are firewall transparent, meaning that they adapt to the security of any firewall for which regular web browsing is enabled. The Application Sharing feature works with firewalls without requiring any changes to the firewall security settings. The Genesys Meeting Center will try to communicate using the most efficient protocol possible, either TCP or HTTP.

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Customer Support

Q. Can I still get operator assistance on a conference managed through Genesys Meeting Center?
A. Genesys Meeting Center provides 24x7 customer support. The moderator of the conference can either email customer services from the meeting center or dial customer services during the conference. The customer support representative and the moderator are automatically put in a sub-conference room in order to not disturb the other participants of the meeting.

Q. What happens if I have a problem?
A. Customers may choose from three ways of contacting customer support:

  1. Dial * 10 * on their telephones
  2. Click on “Dial Customer services” from within the application
  3. Send an email from within the meeting center.

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Requirements and Downloads

Q. What technology/infrastructure is needed to support Genesys Meeting Center?
A. Genesys Meeting Center uses the ASP (Application Service Provider) model. Genesys Meeting Center is a service, not a product; therefore there is absolutely no on-site infrastructure required from the customer perspective – Genesys provides the global infrastructure and sells access to this infrastructure via the Genesys Meeting Center service.

Q. How long does it take to install this service on the computer?
A. Moderators have to download a small “java applet” on to their PC’s. This is done virtually transparently. Participants have absolutely nothing to download – indeed this is one of the strongest selling points of Genesys Meeting Center. However, in order to use the application sharing feature of Genesys Meeting Center, moderators must download a small plug-in in order to share any application running on their desktop.

Q. Where do I download a new version of my browser?
A. If you are updating Microsoft Internet Explorer, visit and look for “security updates”. This will allow you to install the latest patches for IE.

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Presenting PowerPoint Slides

Q. Why does it take so long to upload a presentation?
A. When you upload a presentation, there are some points to be aware of. First, the larger the presentation, the longer it will take to upload. For example, if you are uploading a 1MB presentation, and you have a 28.8K-modem connection, it can take 20 minutes to upload that presentation.

Q. Why does my PowerPoint® look different when it is uploaded to my account?
A. When a PowerPoint® presentation is uploaded to Genesys Meeting Center, a conversion process always takes place. To ensure the optimal upload quality, you should choose the advanced upload option, instead of the express upload. All the information that is contained within a presentation will be converted to Dynamic HTML (DHTML). If there is information within your presentation that is accessed via a link, such as a movie or sound clip, Genesys Meeting Center will not be able to maintain that link during the conversion process. It is best to embed all resources in your presentation to make sure that Genesys Meeting Center recognizes and maintains the information. You may also notice that text looks “different” when it is converted to DHTML. What has happened is that DHTML is not recognizing a true font. For example, if you have specified an 18-point font, sometimes the DHTML conversion process will change that font to 18.73 points. What then happens is that the text “drops” a letter, due to the lack of space within the text box. It is suggested that you leave plenty of room in and around your text boxes to allow for change of font size and to prevent overlapping. Gradients also do not convert well to DHTML. Gradients will appear with distinct lines to break up the various shades. Solid color backgrounds are highly recommended.

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Application Sharing

Q. Why do my viewers see a “green screen” when I am application sharing?
A. Once you have successfully started an application sharing session, you will be able to select the application that you wish to share. If you open another window, or minimize the program that you are sharing, the dominant window will display to your audience as a green square, overshadowing the window that you are supposed to be sharing.

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Security and Errors

Q. How secure is Genesys Meeting Center?
A. Very secure, as there are multiple layers of security available: The first level is password protection. You can password protect conferences with a password for participants as well as presenters. In addition, you can “close the door” to your conference. This means that participants entering both the audio and web portion of your conference go into a virtual waiting room to wait to be greeting by the moderator. The moderator can also see the name of everyone attending both audio and or web participants, so if there is a name that the moderator does not recognize, they can always enquire of that person who they are. If there is someone who is in the room that shouldn’t be there, the moderator can dismiss that participant at any time. Any information that has been uploaded to the conference server can only be viewed by the people who have access to that account. In essence, each account has its own directory on the server. Without the proper rights, other participants can’t see that directory. Security can be taken one step further, when discussing Secure Socket Layer or SSL. SSL offers 128-bit encryption, which is the highest level of encryption that is offered to the consumer marketplace. It is the same level of security that banks and online shopping companies use. There is also Tempest Level security. This is when we store all the information on the customer site, behind their firewall and just use Genesys Meeting Center as the medium.

Q. What if I get a JavaScript Communication error?
A. The best thing to do when you get a JavaScript communication error is to close all applications and try it again. If you still get the same error, also try rebooting your computer. Also, if the person is on a dial up connection to the Internet, ask the person to hang up the line and try reconnecting.

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Web Cam

Q. Can I use a web cam with one of the eMeeting solutions?
A. Yes. Genesys provides the ability to use a web cam with your audio/web conference. Please keep in mind that Genesys uses low bandwidth for web cam video, so the picture will appear a bit jerky. For recommendations on what web cam to purchase, please contact Genesys at 1-866-437-3797. Our ISTS network team cannot guarantee that your location will be able to operate smoothly with this device, so it is recommended that you test your web cam usability with someone before relying on its use for your meeting.

Q. How can I share my web cam in a meeting?
A. For participants to share their web cams in a meeting, go to the "Genesys Conferencing" web page, then in Preferences, select the Meeting Preferences tab. Uncheck the box that says Restrict video to moderator and presenters. This will allow participants to choose to broadcast their web cams when entering a meeting.

Q. What do I do if I can see myself on web cam but cannot see others that have logged in using their web cams?
A. You may need to download the latest version of Java. This is easily accomplished by logging into the Java web site at and downloading their latest version, which is free. You will be required to reboot your computer, so you should allow yourself at least 15 minutes to accomplish all of this. If problems still persist, contact the Genesys Helpline at 1-866-GENESYS.

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