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Meeting Center

Audio Conferencing - Meet on-demand at your convenience

Open your own virtual conference room by dialing your personal room number and PIN code. Your audio conference room is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And can be accessed from any location. Participants dial-in to your call or you dial-out to them.

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  No internet - no problem

If you're out of the office or don't have Internet access, you can host and join a meeting by telephone with Genesys Meeting Center. With no operator involvement and no reservation required, you can meet with your participants from across the globe, at moment's notice.

Genesys Meeting Center - Web Conferencing

  Take control over your meeting

Genesys Meeting Center puts you in control of your virtual meetings, online. You visualize and manage your meetings from your PC. One simple interface, makes conferencing over the web as easy as "point" and "click". Your meeting room is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  A fully interactive virtual interface

With Genesys Meeting Center, your virtual meetings are instantly more visual and dynamic. You can present PowerPoint® slides, share applications and lead your participants on a guided web tour.

  Real time collaboration

Now you and your participants can approve, edit or amend any type of business documents. Correct or modify legal documents, sales proposals, architectural drafts, CAD drawings, and virtually any other application that you can run on your computer.

  Easy to start. Easy to join

Schedule your meeting online, or quick start a presentation right away. Participants may log-in to your meeting below or through a direct link sent out via e-mail. Those without Internet access may still access and follow the audio call via telephone.

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