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Genesys Meeting Center Tips

Below are some helpful hints for conducting an efficient and productive Genesys Meeting Center conference.

Audio Conferencing Tips

  • When speaking, talk directly into either a headset or telephone receiver for optimal clarity.
  • Mute all participants in non-collaborative meetings to minimize background noise.

Audio/Web Conferencing Tips

  • Prepare in advance. To avoid meeting delays, take time to create and upload any resources you'll need for your meetings, such as presentations, surveys or quizzes.
  • Enter the meeting early to ensure participants can access your meeting at the scheduled start time. Give yourself a few minutes to open the meeting room and make sure all necessary system components are loaded.
  • Specify the time zone in meeting invites to avoid meeting delays and confusion.
  • Be conscious of participant connection speeds, as they may vary. Allow time for transition between slides.
  • For optimal application sharing performance, keep the number of open windows to a minimum.
  • Consider the screen resolution of your audience. Check the appropriate screen resolution when uploading your presentation, and adjust your monitor display if necessary when application sharing.
  • Use annotation tools and include voting and quizzes to promote interactivity.
  • To help participants better understand and recall content, limit presentation materials to 6-7 lines per slide. Use larger-sized fonts for legibility.
  • All participants should perform a browser test (included in the meeting invitation) to ensure there are no firewall issues before the conference.

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